Infertility, psychological distress and the benefits of min/body techniques

  •  Research suggests that psychological distress may impair fertility and depressive symptoms may reduce the efficacy of fertility treatments. A number of recent studies suggest that psychological distress can have a significant negative impact on success rates of IVF. In one study women with depressive symptoms were half as likely to conceive as women who were not depressed. In another study, 151 women were scheduled for an IVF cycle, and in those with the highest positive-affect scores, the chance of a live birth was 93% higher.
  • Women with a history of depression were nearly twice as likely to report infertility as women without such history. (Freeman, Garcia, & Rickles, 1983).
  • Studies at Harvard Medical School on 184 women going through infertility treatments showed those who attended a 10-week mind/body program (included relaxation training, cognitive restructuring, and stress reduction), 55% had a viable pregnancy within one year. Compared to only 20% of the control group achieving a viable pregnancy in one year (Domar et al, April 2000).
  • Clinical Research indicates 55% of women conceive after attending a mind body program.” (Bruce Kessel, MD &Alice Domar, PhD 2004)
  • Mind/body treatment has been shown to both increase pregnancy rates as well as reduce psychological distress in infertility patients.
  • Participation in Stress Management Program Results in Increased Pregnancy Rate – Women who participated in a stress management program prior to or during their second IVF cycle had a 160 percent greater pregnancy rate than women who did not participate in a program. The program was designed to educate women on the utilization of cognitive, relaxation and lifestyle techniques to manage stress. (Skillman, NJ, October 19, 2009)
  • A study published in February 2004 shows that the #1 reason patients drop out of fertility treatments is not because their physician was discouraging them from continuing, but because of their distress.
  • Research has shown that stress reduction and counselling can help individuals become more comfortable & confident while pursuing fertility treatment.