Conceivable Options assists individuals and couples in dealing with the emotional, psychological, and physical stresses associated with infertility.


1 in 6 couples has difficulty conceivingInfertility

…”is the inability to achieve and maintain a pregnancy after regular intercourse without contraception for one year. If over 35, it is after six months.”

…is an “unanticipated life crisis, very often unexplained, and lasting for an indeterminate length of time.”



Infertility’s Multiple Effects

The impact of infertility is immense.  It affects the individual, the couple, and their relationship. It is unrelenting and can impact every aspect of life – self-esteem, sense of control, relationships, finances, career, and spirituality. It can cause a roller coaster of emotions – hopelessness, anxiety, depression, hostility, anger, despair, loss, isolation and loneliness.

Often difficulties arise which may include communication problems; differing views on treatment goals/options; sexual relationship issues for the couple; and an inordinate level of stress.


“Women who can’t easily conceive have the same level of distress

as women with cancer, heart disease, or who are HIV positive.”

~ Alice Domar, PhD


Conceivable Options will help clients to:

  • Give voice to their feelings
  • Restore a sense of control of their life
  • Reduce feelings of overwhelming grief, depression, isolation, and anxiety
  • Discover/renew healthy coping mechanisms
  • Reduce physical symptoms of stress – insomnia, fatigue, headaches, abdominal discomfort
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Work towards goals that fit with their beliefs & values
  • Cope with the stress of fertility treatment
  • Learn mind/body techniques to help them cope & enhance wellness
  • Enhance relationship(s) with partner, family and friends
  • Create a greater level of joy in their life